Originality, has it all been done before


In a world where we are inundated with social content how easy is it to be original with your own posts?

In September 2017 Instagram had reached 800 million active members and according to  Optical Cortex the average user follows 882 accounts.

That’s a lot of images that will appear on your feed throughout the day. Now we all know the majority of these pretty squares we see are the best bits, the highlights, the edited versions of people lives, don’t we?

Although we know this is the case, sometimes there is that pressure that we need to do the same, especially If you use Instagram as a way to promote what you do.

So I have been thinking, how can you make sure you’re seen?

In order to be seen I always feel that I need to do something different, something original.

Originality means ‘the ability to think independently and creatively’ but can this always be done? Surely there’s only a few ways you can take a picture of Downward dog?

So, what happens when you do come up with that totally original idea, the perfect post that you haven’t seen ANYONE else do before? Of course, you post it, right?

Its been a few hours, you’ve got a few likes but not the number you were hoping for, does that matter? Does that mean your post wasn’t creative, that it wasn’t good?  95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day, with that in mind I would say if 1 person Likes your photo in all of that, its pretty good going.

There is but one problem, the problem that makes creativity a bitter sweet emotion. Once you have put it out there it doesn’t mean you own the rights to that idea, that thought or that image.  Throughout the art world there has always been that question when someone does something that’s similar to your own work is it plagiary or a compliment?

Do you get annoyed that someone has ‘copied’ your idea who may even have a larger following, does this dilute the origins of your post?  Or do you take it a compliment that you have inspired one person? I suppose it all depends if you let your ego get involved.

One thing we should ask ourselves, who are we posting for? Is it for ourselves, as a way of recording our lives which we can look back on at a later date. Are we posting because we want to provide a service for others, similar to a guide etc. Or are we posting because we want the accreditation and the reinforcement with every like that we get.

For whatever reason, you post, it is your choice, no one else’s, there is no right or wrong reason. One thing you must keep in mind is that it is important to know why you have chosen to post.

So, with all of that being said, endless thinking and a thousands buckets of tea later what do I do, or more importantly, what do I try to do?

I post my journey.

I post things that resonates with me.

I try and stay true to myself and my beliefs.

I give credit where credit is due, if someone has inspired me, I let them and others know because its cool to let people know that they have been an inspiration.


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